Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stu the Cocksucker

         A collection of gay porn photos of 
"Stu the Cocksucker" taken over several decades, from him as young as 19, to him today in his 50s. 
Amazingly, Stu's enthusiasm for sucking cocks to orgasm is stronger today than it's ever been in his life! 
(In recent porn and in upcoming videos, Stu's stage name is Neal Blosmen.)

Stu the Cocksucker covered in cum today, in his 50s.
Stu the Cocksucker covered in cum at age 19.

ALL photos of Stu are totally Public Domain, meaning you are welcome to download anything you like and repost it anywhere you want.

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                                               Stu the Cocksucker, 
          AKA: Neal Blosmen, male porn slut.